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Soft Story Apartment Retrofit

We do not know when the next large earthquake will strike. This is why cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are now mandating the strengthening of existing soft-story apartment buildings. If you are affected by the mandatory seismic retrofit ordinance or would like to voluntarily retrofit your apartment building, please contact us using this form.

Our services include developing an economical structural design of the retrofit system, and if needed, processing the retrofit plans and calculations through LADBS.

For a fixed fee, our services will consist of the following items (which are required by the City of Los Angeles):

  • Draw floor and roof plans of the existing structure.
  • Draw exterior elevations.
  • Determine practical and economical solutions.
  • Engineer the solution and develope structural plans.
  • Process the plans and calculations through the City of Los Angeles.
  • Address any plan check corrections required by the City of Los Angeles.
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